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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Dynaplug« available at my local auto/tool store?
At present Dynaplug« is only sold online, although you can also call our orderline (+44-(0)1926-888664) and order over the phone if you prefer.

2. Is the Dynaplug« available outside the U.K.?
We can ship the Dynaplug® overseas at an extra cost to cover the necessary paperwork, handling and delivery cost. We use the standard purchase price as the declared value on any customs forms.

3. Is the Dynaplug« repair permanent?
UTAC ( ) has certified the Dynaplug® as a permanent repair when one tyre repair plug is used and the puncture is made by an object no larger than a 16d (16 penny) nail. HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING WARNING: Any tyre that is run flat or underinflated for even a short length of time can suffer damage which may not be visible from the outside. The repaired tyre should be removed as soon as possible and checked professionally for any signs of damage, both internally and externally. Unless this is done, NO repair can be considered permanent even if the tyre shows no outward signs of damage and is not losing pressure.

4. How many repair plugs can I use in a puncture?
Up to four plugs can be used for emergency repairs only and to get you to a tyre shop that can determine if the tyre can be patched from the inside or if it needs to be replaced.

5. What kind of tyres does the Dynaplug« repair?
Dynaplug® works with all tubeless radial tyres on cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, motorcycles, tractors, RVs and other vehicles.

6. Can I repair a side wall puncture?
No companies recommend repairs of any kind to the side wall of any tyre.
Even with brand new tyres with a side wall puncture, all manufacturers state that the tyre must be replaced.

7. Will the repair plug(s) make my tyre unbalanced?
No, repair plugs will not unbalance your tyre.
Testing has proven that a repair plug is equivalent to a small pebble lodged in your tyre.

8. What is the white pipe cleaner in the Dynaplug« tyre repair kits used for?
If the insertion tube becomes clogged, clean with a Dynaplug« tube cleaner dipped in denatured alcohol, available at your local paint or hardware store. NEVER USE SOLVENTS on the tool.

9. Where do I store the extra plugs?
Loose plugs and the tube cleaner store conveniently in the handle of the Dynaplug«.
The tool with supplies is small enough to carry anywhere.

10. Do I need to ream the puncture?
No. The Dynaplug« does not require reaming.
Never stretch the hole excessively and never enlarge the hole with a rasp type reamer.
When inserting the plug into the tyre, make sure that the insertion tool is at right angles to the surface of the tyre, otherwise the insertion tube may bend if excessive force is applied.

11. Do you sell different plug sizes?
We only provide one size plug. Because the size of the puncture may vary, it is safe to use up to four plugs for larger holes for emergency repairs only.

12. Do you have any air compressors or Co2 canisters to inflate the tyre?
Yes, we do sell CO2 canisters and inflation tubes.

13. Does the tyre require air pressure before plugging?
We recommend a minimum of 10 PSI to ensure an easy insertion of the Dynaplug« tool into the tyre.
Its better to have your Dynaplug« pre-loaded with a plug and ready to use before removing the nail. This will ensure minimal air loss.

14. If the tyre is completely flat, can it be repaired?
Yes. However, its easier to remove the puncture object and locate the puncture hole when the tyre contains air. If the tyre is completely flat, please see the warning under FAQ no. 3.

15. Does the Dynaplug« repair Run-flat tyres?
Dynaplug is fine to use on run flat tyres. In fact, it is one of the only solutions that will maintain the air pressure sensors that usually accompany run flat tyres.á

16. Does the Dynaplug« work on "Z" rated run-flat tyres?
The Dynaplug« actually works best on "Z" rated run flat tyres as the rubber is formulated to be softer, i.e. lower durometer, for better traction and performance. The rubber formulation is tackier and the plugs actually bond even better than lower rated tyres.

17. Does the plug affect the tyre Pressure Monitoring System?
The Dynaplug« will not jeopardize your tyre pressure monitoring sensors.