How to Assemble a Dynaplug Repair Tool

Prepare the Plug

  • Load the Plug into the Insertion Tube right up to the brass tip.
  • If the Plug won't fit in the tube, roll it between your fingers.
  • If the Plug is too sticky apply some water or saliva.

Attach Pre-loaded Insertion Tube

  • Unscrew the Nose Piece from the handle.
  • Slip the pre-loaded Insertion Tube over the protruding tip.

Attach the Nose Piece

  • Slide the Nose Piece over the Insertion Tube.
  • Firmly tighten the Nose Piece clockwise.

Ready To Repair!

  • The Dynaplug Tool is ready for use.
  • If a further Plug is needed simply slide into the end of the Insertion Tube.
  • A maximum of 4 Plugs can be used.