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Dynaplug® Tyre Repair Plugs for Cars & Motorcycles

Dynaplug® Tyre Repair Plugs for Cars & Motorcycles

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Dynaplug® tubeless tyre repair plugs are made from viscoelastic rubber impregnated cord with a non-abrasive brass tip. The plugs are specially designed to be inserted directly into a puncture after object has been removed.

The viscous rubber of the plug will flow slightly after the plug is in place filling small fissures or voids radiating from the puncture hole into the casing, ensuring a long lasting repair.

Only for use with Dynaplug® Ultralite, Carbon Ultralite, Pro and Xtreme tools.

Made in the USA


5 x Viscoelastic Impregnated Rubber Plugs with Brass tips


Plug Shaft - 26mm
Brass Tip - 9mm
Weight - 20 grams

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